Mississippi Stud For Beginners: Rules and Basics

Mississippi Stud is a simple to play, poker-based table game. It is a newer game, offering easier to learn strategies when compared to Blackjack and other traditional table games. Much like basic video poker, the object of the game is to end up with the best five card hand.

As you may expect, Mississippi Stud is played against a paytable, not against other players. A winning hand consists of a pair of sixes or better, The winnings begin at a “push” and range all the way up to 500 to 1 for a royal flush.

The rules and format for Mississippi are straightforward. Each player is dealt two cards face down while a set of three community cards is dealt face down. Players make bets over three rounds while the dealer reveals a community card after each round of betting. Finally, players are paid out by comparing their hand to a pay table.

While you don’t have control over the cards you receive, you do have control over your betting strategy. A maximum of ten chips or units can be bet, with the bets based off of your initial ante. Today, we will learn the rules and basics before diving into strategy in a future article.

What to Expect

When sitting down at a Mississippi Stud table, either online or at a casino, you can expect a few standard things. If you have played video poker or other poker-based table games in the past, the setup and format should feel familiar. As mentioned earlier, Mississippi Stud is played against a house-bank or pay table, so there is no need to feel intimidated by other players.

There should be four round betting circles on the table in front of you. This is where you will place your ante and subsequent third, fourth, and fifth street bets. You will be dealt a pair of cards that are for you only. The community cards can be used by everyone and will constitute the rest of your five card hand.

At the end of the third round of betting, you will compare your hand to the payout table. A pair of 6s through 10s will give you a “push”, while jacks or better will provide you with a win! Check out the table below for all of the payout amounts.


The rules and format for Mississippi Stud are relatively simple and similar to many other poker-based casino games.

Ante Up

Start by making an ante bet. The dealer will then deal you and all other players two cards. He will also deal three community cards face down in the middle of the table.

Bet or Fold?

From here, three rounds of betting begin.

The first round, or “Third Street” bet, gives you the option of folding or betting 1x to 3x your ante. The dealer will then reveal the first community card. Considering how the newly revealed card affects your hand, you will now participate in “Fourth Street” betting. After either folding or making another bet of 1x to 3x your ante, the dealer will reveal the second community card. For the final “Fifth Street” round of betting, decide whether to fold or bet from 1x to 3x your ante.


At this point, you have either made three rounds of bets, holding on to your cards the entire way, or you have folded. If you decided to bet and keep your cards, now is the time to determine your best hand and compare it to the payout table. You will use the two cards that were originally dealt to you, as well as the three community cards, to make up your best five card hand.

Although payouts may vary at different casinos, here is the most common payout table for Mississippi Stud:

Royal Flush ....... 500 to 1
Straight Flush .... 100 to 1
Four of a Kind ..... 40 to 1
Full House ............ 6 to 1
Flush ..................... 6 to 1
Straight ................. 4 to 1
Three of a Kind ..... 3 to 1
Two Pair ............... 2 to 1
Jacks or Better ..... 1 to 1
Pair of 6s to 10s ..... Push

Wrapping Up

Now that you have a good sense of how to play Mississippi Stud, get out there and practice!

Once you feel that you have mastered the basics, it's time to work on betting strategy! Knowing when and how to bet will increase your odds for a profitable day at the tables!

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