Playing Blackjack with Bitcoin: Can You Do It?

Since its invention in 2009, Bitcoin has totally revolutionized the concept of a digital currency. Despite starting out with a bit of a sketchy reputation thanks to illegal operations such as Silk Road, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, have successfully overcome the bad rap that once shadowed them. Nowadays, all kinds of reputable organizations are getting involved with Bitcoin. (See: Goldman Sachs and Facebook.)

So what does this mean for our most beloved casino game? Well quite simply, it means that the online Blackjack barriers have busted wide open! Anyone who has tried any sort of gaming online can tell you that the biggest hurdle is exchanging money. Since gambling is not legal in some U.S. states, banks are hesitant to support online gaming, even if you live in an area where online gambling is legal. With Bitcoin, the bank is taken entirely out of the picture. You’re free to transfer your money directly to the casino. The other added bonus is that you can play with much smaller increments of money than you would at a regular casino. Imagine depositing $5 and having that last you hours of play.


The most reliable place to play Blackjack with Bitcoin is by far Stake. Stake is provably fair and a very safe place to put your money. It has a beautiful interface and features other casino games like Roulette and Baccarat.

Low Stakes Blackjack Means Perfect for Practice

One of the best ways to use Stake, is to practice your game. First and foremost: work on Basic Strategy. Do you have to peek at a chart for certain hands? Are your soft totals rock solid? Once you're rock solid on Basic Strategy then you can practice your betting strategy. Of course you could do this with any Blackjack game out there, but using Stake allows you to raise the…. Stakes (pardon the pun) slowly over time because practicing a free Blackjack game is a totally different psychological experience then sitting at a casino table with real money and real chips. So think of playing Blackjack at Stake as a way to slowly build up your confidence in your game! And of course, before you put any money on the line, be sure to head over to the strategy simulator to come up with a solid plan for your betting!

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