Betting Strategies Explained

Once basic strategy is taken in to consideration, your main weapon to beat the house, as a Blackjack player, is your betting strategy. There are three main categories of betting to be used to solidify your game.


Progression betting, is popular amongst almost all table games, and is very well suited for Blackjack. The focus of progression betting is to increase your bankroll by however much your original bet was for. Until you’ve reached your progression goal, you are locked in with either increasing or decreasing your bets based on if you won or lost the last hand. Once the progression goal is reached, the progression resets, and you go back to your base bet.

The great thing about progression betting is the versatility in strategies. There are both high risk versions (martingale) and lower risk versions (oscar) that focus more on calming the action and keeping your butt at the table longer.


By far the most exciting and talked about aspect of Blackjack is card counting. And believe it or not, card counting, at its core, is simply a betting strategy. Strip away all of the calculations, the teams, and MIT geniuses and we are talking about a player that is simply keeping track of what is left in the shoe (the cards left to be dealt), and increasing their bet when the remaining cards of the shoe are in the players’ favor.

Obviously this is a huge oversimplification of card counting, but if you are interested in studying it further, see our card counting guide!


Fixed betting is the most basic of strategies. This is for the player who isn’t interested in learning a betting system to utilize, or for the player who is just killing time at the Blackjack table. In a fixed betting situation, you are betting the same amount every hand, regardless of where your bankroll is at and if you’ve just won or lost.

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